5 Strategies to help you build the perfect website

Building a perfect website is more important than ever. More and more business is generated online and your website is your calling card and often also your point of sale. Knowing what’s currently perfect is a time consuming job and your website needs constant updates to stay relevant. However, there are some rules that should always be followed. Here are 5 evergreen strategies that help you build the perfect website.

Focus on design

With the amount of websites and content online, you need something to stand out. If your website looks like 2010 spat it out, you’re probably going to lose customers to competitors. A current design is something that people trust and feel safer using. Design also means focusing on the user experience. If your website is a pain to use, there’s no reason for people to use it.

Make your site mobile friendly

The percentage of mobile users is growing rapidly and is even outperforming the amount of people using computers to surf the web. If you’re site is not mobile friendly, you’re basically throwing away at least half of your potential customers. It’s the age of comfort and nobody wants to visit a website that’s not comfortable to use with their mobile device.

Pay attention to hosting

Hosting is something we don’t really think about that much. Heck, most of us don’t really know what it is. However, it’s a key element in determining the success of your website. Bad hosting means bad loading times and stability issues. People who find your site too slow will just leave and are not going to return. Slow loading times can cost you customers and money.

Create compelling content

People come to your website for content. Whether it’s articles, blog posts or product descriptions – people come to read them. If your content is boring, unprofessional or just plain missing, people will turn elsewhere. “Content is king” is a common phrase used in internet marketing circles and there’s a reason for it. No amount of tricks can make a site with bad content work.

Invest in SEO

A perfect website is only perfect if it’s getting traffic and bringing you income. SEO is the long term solution for both of these problems. Getting ranked high on search engine results for high search volume keywords will bring you traffic for years to come. And best of all – once you’re ranked, the traffic is free. This means you don’t have to keep burning money with PPC campaigns and can take a step towards passive income.

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