7 Reasons you need a VA for your SEO

SEO is vital to the long term success and survival of your website. It brings traffic and generates you income. However, it’s something that’s very difficult to do right and hiring a local SEO expert to your company can become very expensive. Using a Virtual Assistant for your SEO needs is a great alternative and something you should consider if you want to see your website flourish. Here are 7 reasons why you need a virtual assistant for your SEO.

1. It’s time consuming work

Doing proper SEO is very time consuming. SEO doesn’t stop at optimizing the content of your site. You need to constantly work on getting backlinks, finding new keywords and adjusting to new search engine standards to rank your website high. Using a VA can free you up to deal with other aspects of your business while this is taken care of.

2. They’re experts

If you don’t happen to be a full time SEO expert, you probably can’t call yourself an expert in SEO. Changes to search engine algorithms happen daily and new things have to be researched and taken into account with all the time. SEO VA’s are doing this every day and they can do optimization in a way that actually works the best.

3. You know where you’re at

The virtual assistants provide you data that you might not know how to reach or don’t have the time to gather. Doing full audits to your website’s SEO and providing live reporting to you is a powerful tool that they provide you. You will always know where you stand and what to turn more attention to.

4. They’re reliable

Using different freelancers every time you need something done is a pain. Good freelancers are hard to find and finding them costs valuable time. They might be counterproductive to each other and cost you a lot of money for mediocre results. Using a VA means that the same person handles your business in the optimal way.

5. You can choose how much you need

With a virtual assistant, you can choose from different packages depending on how much work you need done or how big your budget is. It’s difficult to find freelancers or workers who will work 40 hours for you one month and 160 another. With VA’s you have the freedom to choose.

6. They put in the hours

You can see their progress through live reporting and you can be sure they actually do the amount of work that you’re paying for. SEO is a grind and it requires putting in the hours. With project based workers you never know what shortcuts they take or what other projects they’re working at the same time.

7. They’re cheaper

Hiring a in-house SEO expert can cost thousands and thousands per month and freelancers charge anything from $20/hour. Our SEO virtual assistant prices start from only $4.69/hour. For that price it’s nearly impossible to find a perfect SEO partner in any other way. This saves you tons of money in the long run and makes your SEO investment pay off sooner.

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