Paid vs Unpaid traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of every website. Without it, websites are just zeroes and ones in empty space. We create content for somebody to view it and it’s key for your website to generate you income or sales. There are two main ways to get traffic to your website and we’ll talk a little bit about both.

Paid traffic

Paid traffic is exactly what it says it is. It’s traffic that you pay for. The most common places to buy traffic from are Facebook, Google and other bigger advertising networks. This consists of creating advertising campaigns to get people to click on your ads and end up on your website. The idea is to generate more income from the visitors that you spend on the ads. Although, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Creating a winning campaign is difficult and requires a lot of testing and investment.

The downside of paid traffic is the fact that you have to perpetually keep paying for it. A percentage of visitors might eventually start coming to your site on their own but most new visitors will have to be paid for. Campaigns require constant management and tweaking and the income you generate is in no way passive. However, for sites that don’t work on ranking high on search results it’s usually the only option.

Unpaid traffic

Unpaid or organic traffic is the traffic that your website receives from unpaid sources. The most important source is of course search engines. Secondary sources include other websites, forums, social media and word to mouth. Unpaid traffic is something that requires attention. You have to work on the SEO elements of your website and make sure that your rankings are high enough.

The upside of unpaid traffic from SEO is the fact that it gradually becomes more and more passive. High search engine rankings are something that start feeding themself. If you get a lot of organic traffic, your site becomes more popular in the eyes of search engines and in turn you receive even more traffic. You should always focus on SEO as it’s the long term solution and doesn’t require to keep paying for the traffic that you need.

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