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Amazon SEO


Struggling with your new product on Amazon? Our Digital Marketing Experts will help you rank and increase your sales. For the Low Price of $499, we will get your product to the 1st Page on a targeted keyword.


Our team will help you with the following:


Keyword Research

On Page SEO Optimization for your product

Campaign Management for 2 -3 months

Run Promotions

Product Reviews


You will have to provide us the following:


  Make us Account Manager on Amazon Seller Account

Provide us the margin of how low / high in which we can sell the product (we will handle ur pricing strategy)

We will need to get a free sample of your product (or at discounted rate) to review it.

We will need clear images, we may ask you to provide us new ones as needed.

We will ask you to have an advertising budget that we will manage to run ads on Amazon.

We will need get enough verified reviews, either us or you can bring the reviewers and give them the product in exchange for the review.


To date we have successfully ranked every customer that hired us to rank his/her product on Amazon’s first page. Our team will not stop supporting your campaign until your product is on the first page. Here are a few things to keep in mind before starting an Amazon SEO Campaign:


Most Common Keyword may not be the best keyword for your product, this is why we do keyword research. The keyword that we agree on need to convert well for your product otherwise you will not last on first page for long.

Be patient, If you expect to rank by morning on 1st page, Amazon SEO is probably not a good option for you. It takes time to rank, we aim for 1 month, sometimes it take less or longer.

Our Strategy is a long term strategy, if you ranked we will not stop there, and we will continue providing you with recommendation to stay on 1st page, if you select to ignore those recommendation, we will not be responsible for falling off first page.

Targeted keywords: After the keyword research we will provide you our recommended keyword/s, you can select it or select your own, whatever you decide to go with, please make sure your selection is final, changing targeted keywords is time consuming and causes a delay in campaign that we will not be held responsible for.

Ad Campaign, no of verified reviews, etc would vary depend on your product competitions, our recommendation may vary based on how aggressive is your competition