What do look for in a good web host?

Compared to your body, web hosting is like the heart of your website. It keeps the blood pumping and everything operational. If your hosting fails, all other components of your website fail as well. What good is your content or a perfect sales funnel if people can’t use your website. So what should you look for in a good web host?


Everything starts with stability. You want your web host to have a high uptime. Uptime is how we measure the percentage of the host’s server being accessible. If the server can’t be accessed, your website can’t be accessed by visitors as well. Look for hosting providers that have a proven track record of above 99% uptime. This ensures that your site is available to the public as much of the time as possible.


Unlike stability, speed also depends on the hosting plan that you buy. Hosting plans range anywhere from shared virtual servers to dedicated physical ones. Of course some providers have better options overall but the biggest difference comes from the package you choose. Use shared hosting only for starter sites that don’t have a lot of traffic yet and remember to keep an eye on your site’s speed metrics and upgrade accordingly if needed. You can look at reviews and recommendations when considering the speed difference of web hosting providers.


Pricing is something that varies greatly between different hosting providers. Like always, we’re looking for the best combination of value and price. Keep in mind that a lot of providers offer great deals for your first months but charge up to 20x more later. Be sure to check out long term costs because switching hosts is a pain.

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